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❝ My heart wants roots. My mind wants wings. I cannot bear their bickerings.



"One fun fact I learned while on the air with Keith Olbermann was that humans on the Internet are scumbags. People say children are cruel, but I was never made fun of as a child or an adult. Suddenly, my disability on the world wide web is fair game. I would look at clips online and see comments like, "Yo, why’s she tweakin?" "Yo, is she retarded?" And my favorite, "Poor Gumby-mouth terrorist. What does she suffer from? We should really pray for her." One commenter even suggested that I add my disability to my credits: screenwriter, comedian, palsy."

Maysoon Zayid on TEDWomen (x)


❝ it’s important to remember that we’re talking about a group of people who have higher rates of mental health problems, suicide, and domestic violence than either heterosexual, or lesbian and gay people. This invisibility takes a real toll on people’s lives, and is even putting lives at risk.


you know you a little gay when you checking out sophia instead of liam



"When I got into the music industry a majority of female artists I’d seen were trying to regurgitate an ideal of the female image. They were trying to be almost a replica of what was popular. I just found that to be very boring and dishonest. I just wanted to be in control of my clothes. I wanted that choice. That’s the only thing that I’m saying. Women should not be marginalized. We shouldn’t play into the sexism." - Janelle Monae [x[

Once again for the people who insist on using Jane as the mascot for their respectability politricks and bullshit. Just seen some clowns trying to use her to tear down Rihanna the other day. Cut that shit out.


UNRWA is the UN agency that helps Palestinian refugees all over the Middle East. It’s short of resources under normal circumstances but right now it’s struggling to provide for the tens of thousands of people fleeing Israeli fire in Gaza right now. If you any ability to do so, please consider making a donation. If not, then please spread the word.




Effects Of Thinking White People Are “All Like That”:

  • Literally nothing other than white people having their feelings hurt on the internet
  • I’m not joking there is no real world consequence of this

Effects Of Thinking People of Color Are “All Like That”:

But yeah, white people’s feelings :*(

I actually changed my mind, I’m adding more

Whoa, it does not stop

Imagine how tragic it would be if someone hurt your feelings by letting you know that you benefit from not having this happen to you, though


*constantly overdressed*


Femme Nation: A photo series by 16 year old Hailey Corrall to provoke a message about misogyny in our youth.

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